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Mapping Additional Attributes when using Samanage User Provisioning with Microsoft Azure

Question asked by Roger Platt on Jul 12, 2018

Has anyone had any luck getting "Attribute Mappings" to have more attributes sync into Samanage?

I have tried adding mobile, department and site as new attributes and have had no luck getting them to populate in Samanage. I know it is possible since it worked with our previous sync using Centrify. I used the same syntax for each attribute that we used for Centrify to get these fields to sync but it just doesn't work. Below is what I tried, adding new Samanage attributes and then mapping them to their Azure AD attributes.


I posed the question as a comment to the document below and a comment suggested the fields would need to be looked up somehow from an array:

Samanage User Provisioning with Microsoft Azure 


Anyone know the syntax? Below is what is done for Centrify to grab these fields:

Samanage Provisioning from Centrify using custom f... - Centrify Community