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Can I send a notification to an external email through an automation?

Question asked by Jonathan Hogan on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by Matthew Clements

I have an email distribution group ("") that I would like to get notified when an incident with certain Category/Subcategory comes in. 


I don't necessarily want to CC them on the incident itself, I just want the DL to get one notification that the ticket has been created. 


Here's an example use case: 

  • Ticket comes in with Category "User Accounts", Subcategory "Termination" 
  • Notification with details about the ticket goes to
    • This email address is a distribution list on our email system, and as such is not tied to any particular user in Samanage. 


I've tried doing this with an Automation, however it will only allow me to select users that exist in Samanage to be notified.  I don't have any way to type in an external email address. 


Am I missing something obvious?