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Automations: Based on role type, not actual role

Question asked by Anna Stocks on May 12, 2018

(As usual - apologies if this is a duplicate post!)


We use one Samanage account and split our helpdesks by categories, meaning we have groups of agents using Samanage that will also submit incidents. I appreciate this probably complicates things but for Samanage but it gives our end-users a more seamless experience as they only need to use one portal, and, we can easily assign incidents between teams. 


We were so excited to see the comment automations trigger and thought it'd allow us to use the In progress / Waiting on User state changes when a requester and agent is interacting, BUT, it doesn't really work in our environment.



To make this work, I recommend that Samanage adjusts the comment automations role based triggers to include the "-- requester --" and "-- assignee --" fields (note, not replace what is currently in place, just add to it, therefore not impacting other deployments).


Current Example: 



So - if you look very carefully the "Condition > Commenter > Role:" option is specifically looking at what account type the requester has. Instead, it should be using the "-- requester --" setting that is used in the role scopes. Using the above settings means that if an agent for another helpdesk, e.g. Product Agent, logs an incident on the IT helpdesk, if they reply to their incident it will not automatically change the state.


The same theory applies to if we want to make the opposite automation - agent comments on incident and state changes to waiting on user. It should look at "Condition > Commenter > -- assignee --" (and maybe any agent for that helpdesk, in case another agent is covering or dealing with an escalation). This is the one we really want as it helps stop the SLA timers in our environment. 


Thoughts & suggestions welcome, do comment or vote up if this'd benefit your environment too!