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Service Catalog Request API Integrations Suddenly Broke

Question asked by Nicholas Marlowe on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by Yum Darling

So to start, I have a service request for new users that creates a bunch of other service requests based on variable selections. It's a live form, hasn't been modified recently and has been perfectly functional up until this afternoon.


 I saw a user submit this service request around 4pm. When I was watching the integration in progress I saw several of them fail out. They failed with the generic "Failure: Http Internal Server Error, reason: Internal Server Error" message.


 I was working with the form to see if any of the xml tags had changed, if any of the request variables had been renamed. They had not. I also created a fresh integration with minimal variables and tried to send it through. Anything sent to several other service catalog items fails every single time. I even created a blank item with only two variables and tried to create it from an API integration with no luck.


 Since 4pm, I have seen the number of affected service catalog requests that fail seemingly increasing. If there's a trend, it seems to be requests that are on the slightly older side. I'm not certain if that is the cause as creating new catalog items still fail.


 I feel pretty confident about my existing API integrations as they have been in use for months with no problems.

I can provide the integration xml if necessary, and examples or specific requests to support. Here's a screenshot of all the hardware requests suddenly failing out.