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Assigning incident outside of group

Question asked by Travis May on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by Travis May

I encountered something with one of our service agent groups that I had a question of how to administrate. The group in question needs to be able to handle any incidents/etc that fall within their scope but need to be locked down to only their items (viewing/updating/other). I believe I got all the permissions on the role set for that(seems to work so far) but the issue comes when they need to assign an incident outside of their group. They do not get the option to assign it to anyone but themselves(the service agent) or not assigned. Is this an issue of the permissions I have set, a matter of organizing our groups differently, or something else? I couldn't quite find this situation on the community site, how-to's and so forth, so I thought I would throw the question out there. From what I could see of the role's permissions and options, it looks like this shouldn't be an issue but maybe I'm missing something simple somewhere...