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Anyone else see value in "Time in State" being logged

Question asked by Chad Brown on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by Jackie Kisinger

We have several business units that want to address issues based on "Time in State" versus "Create Date" or "Last Update" date.


Anyone else see value in this? If so, I'll put up a proposal for development.


USE CASES in our environment: A ticket may be "created" in Nov 2017, but only got through an APPROVAL gate on 3 April 2018; whereas another request came in March 21, 2018 and was approved March 30th, 2018. Once a ticket is "APPROVED", they were manually changing the state to from 'Awaiting Approval' to 'Assigned' (something we can now automated using Application Integration).


They want to address them in order of how long they have been in the ASSIGNED state, not when the request was created. Last updated doesn't work, because someone can add or remove a tag, correct the categorization, or simply add a Comment - and that would throw off the 'queue.'