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Default login behavior - Login to a tab other than the dashboard

Question asked by Eric Hovinga on Mar 28, 2018

As a helpdesk guy, I don't care too much about the dashboard, what I do care about is my list of tickets. 

Same would go for finance, they don't give a toss about the dashboards, but they DO care about the purchase order tabs. 

I don't want to have to navigate to that list on every login, I want it to be my default page after login. 

I should be able to select what page I log into at a profile (account) level. 


I understand I could make a dashboard item for these, but the dashboard layout options are very limited and not that helpful when compared to the actual page with the actual content. Also I don't need the excess distractions of my customer satisfaction, SLA breaches, etc. I just don't want to continually have to navigate back to the page I use the most on every login and on every ticket update. It wastes my time.