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Problems with using a Problem?

Question asked by Todd Thomas on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Todd Thomas

Our organization experienced a major system outage yesterday. We used Samanage to help with incident identification and problem resolution. However, limitations of Problems has proven to be, well, a a major problem for us because of how they work today. With a few small tweaks, we think the experience could be much more valuable and useful. To improve Problems, we'd like to see the following improvements.


1. Add CC to Problems. Today Problems have no CC field. This needs to be added to bring other people/groups into the know about a Problem as it has updates:

Add CC to Problems 


2. Improve notifications for Problems. We just discovered today that you only get emails when a Problem is assigned to you or a group you belong to. That's it. You don't get any if Notes are added or if the Problem is Closed. This creates a real communication barrier both for the Requester as well as people following that Problem for updates:

Improve notifications for Problems 


3. Allow us to mass update attached incidents. If we want to follow up with requesters on attached incidents, the only way we can do that today is by Closing the Problem and then resolving all attached incidents. That's not good. Sometimes you need to communicate to all of those requesters:

Mass update from Problems 


If these three changes could be made, our problems with Problems wouldn't be such a problem.


We'll probably just switch to attaching incidents to other incidents for now since the notifications for that work much better, but it's difficult seeing this potential languishing because of a lack of attention/development. Our system should enable us to work better instead of generating problems!


My question to the community, are there other issues around using Problems you're encountering other than what I listed above? Curious to hear your thoughts.