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API - JSON Adding User

Question asked by Bernard Welmers on Mar 13, 2018

It seems like all the examples I have seen are using XML when interacting with the Samanage API.  Is that the recommended way to work with the API or does JSON work as well?


to put this at an other way. I am working on a PowerShell scrip to add/update all my contacts in Samanage (since there is no Microsoft Flow endpoint and the Azure AD synchronization is not complete either (Tutorial: Configure Samanage for automatic user provisioning with Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs I have heard this is in the works but the documentation is ahead of the implementation). Since Samanage gives the option of JSON and XML and there is another companies API that I can see using in the future I have been trying to do the script with JSON. I have been having issues posting using JSON but I have gotten it to work with XML. So I am trying to figure out if XML is the only recommended way to work with the API or if JSON should work just as well.