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Calling fields like priority and category in API within service request

Question asked by Brian Hill on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Sam Buccieri-Gillett

In the API examples from "The Guide" and creating a change or purchase order from a service request fields of  Requester, Site and Department are show in the example being used like variables from the service request. Using {{Category}} and {{Priority}} didn't seem to work for setting a category and priority on an incident. Are these able to be referenced from here and if so, what are they called?


Second, in reading "The Guide" it seemed to indicate that using GET for incidents wouldn't work within the API call in a service request. I was hoping to use the API to edit the just created incident generated by the service request to update it's title with the content from one of the variables. Is there a way to do this through one or multiple API calls within the service request process?