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Maximize - Asset Agent functionality

Question asked by Binosh Moothedan on Jan 13, 2018

Dear Team


Can you maximize the functionality of Asset Agent? Since we have asset agent on all pc's, if you add an option to send an desktop alert to customers using the same agent, isn't it good?


Scenario -1

We have an outage with Exchange and emails are not working. How do you communicate?

You chose all the computers from Samanage inventory, and send a desktop alert to the users. This alert will pup up on users computer and they are aware of the outage. 


Scenario - 2

IT department would like to announce a server related message to the IT community. They select the computers that belongs to IT department and send a desktop alert to the customers.


Scenario -3


Company would like to take survey about how the employees are felling about their work this week. They send a pup up survey and users click and this recorded in separate dashboard.


There are many tools available in the market which has this functionality together with IT Service Desk management or individual. It will be good if Samanage make a move into this direction too. So we don't have to look for another tool.