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Question asked by Emma McAdam on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Yum Darling

Can I ask if anyone else is finding the Samanage Release Management process difficult?   It is forcing us as a customer into a reactive approach to releases rather than a proactive one - given the time & resource pressure we are all under that is something we can ill-afford.


Although I am signed up to the product updates and the maintenance notifications there is little detailed information to help us with our planning (we are currently implementing Samanage) and with time at a premium it is difficult to differentiate between general discussion and important announcements.

When I asked about release notes/release dates I keep being told this "can't be done as development is Agile" … but I fail to see how an Agile development cycle doesn't have any planned release date/time or enhancement list that can be shared.


What do you think to the following suggestions?  These would help customers identify quickly the changes that went live/are coming & help draw attention to important product update information.

  • Product update alerts to include the date the update went live in the title of the post. 

e.g. Instead of "Now Available: Index Action UX Update (NEW)"  how about  "Now Available: Index Action UX Update (31 Dec 2017)"

  • A product update alert to list of all bug fixes that went live, following same naming convention as above.
  • Product update "Coming Soon" alerts to also include a rough timescale.  The week (or even month) they are aiming for.  Again to be included in the title.
  • When the release has been tested and approved for release to market, a notification is posted to customers giving the date/time the release will be deployed.  This could be done in the format of a maintenance alert.


I would love to know if other customers are experiencing similar frustrations or if this is an issue unique to us in our environment/organisation.

We are a relatively new customer so I am not sure if this is an ongoing issue, or if we've just been unfortunate to have 3 issues with releases since I've been involved in the project.  All have involved wasted time on our part as we scrabble around trying a) to find clear concise information on what could have gone wrong.  b) retrospectively notifying our own users of the updates whilst trying to analyse any impact to our processes/workflows.