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Send private message to group of users

Question asked by Ivan Javier Mirco on Dec 4, 2017


We need to keep tracking of all communications related to an incident into Samanage Tickets.

That means: after a user has created a Ticket for certain issue, we want every communication related to that issue to be written down on the opened Ticket (Incidents, whatever...) - This includes also "internal" message (using the option "private message"), which we use to write down Status of the issue at certain date. 
But we want these internal message to only be ONLY visible for IT memebers (managers): that is, we need the (those who created the ticket) NOT TO be able to read those message.
We have found "private mesage" option, but that message unfortunatelly is only visible by the user who has the ticket "assigned".
Is there any other tool to make certain message "readable" just for certain group of users?
Thanks a lot!