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Teamwork Tuesday: Sjoerd Taquin

Discussion created by Yum Darling Administrator on Oct 24, 2017
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"You add value to people when you value them" ~John Maxwell


One awesome thing about Samanage is how global we've gotten. We are lucky to have a well rounded and amazing EMEA team! Meet Sjoerd Taquin! He's our Solutions Consultant in Rotterdam. He works day in and day out to help our clients get the most out of Samanage, and our prospect understand what the software can do for them!

"I have been working at Samanage for almost two years now. It’s fun: I get to talk about our cool product and ITSM all day! #winning. The Samanage EMEA office in Rotterdam is also great. As you can see, I even have a cool river view."


Any of our EMEA clients have a chance to talk to Sjoerd? Give him a shout out and make his day!