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Teamwork Tuesday: Laura Miller

Discussion created by Yum Darling Administrator on Oct 17, 2017

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each team member is the team" ~Phil Jackson


I have a very special Teamwork Tuesday today! Our Director of Sales, Laura Miller, works day in and day out to make sure that our prospects have a great experience learning Samanage, and that our salespeople are empowered to give the best service around.


"Samanage is unlike any company I've ever worked for. Everyone is working toward two goals: making the company exceptional and ensuring that our customers are happy. In many ways we're like a family, poking fun and shooting nerfs at each other, but at the same time everyone is willing to step in and help however they can. We consistently strive to out-service the competition, and I know that wouldn't be possible without the team we've put together."


You've probably seen her around the Community, answering questions and generally being awesome, but you won't be hearing from her for a little while... why, you ask? She's going on some time off to spend time with her New Baby (as soon as said baby decides to make an appearance). Let's give her a warm send off and lots of love!