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Passing '&' through XML from a free text field in application integration

Question asked by Jamie Milks on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Jamie Milks

I am trying to use Application Integration to take information from one submitted service catalog item and create a more specific request from another service catalog item (i.e. New hire form creates a setup computer form for one group, setup account for another group).  The problem I run into is that there are free text fields for various bits of information and invariably, the requester puts in functional characters like the ampersand "&".  This causes the integration to fail outright with a generic error (Http Bad Request).  Of course I cannot escape these characters as I can never know when they are put in (i.e. Notes:  User will be working in LA & San Diego).  Besides creating an absurd amount of pick list items or relying on users to read the instructions at the top of the form, is there a way to get the variables to send the non-literal version of the character?