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How to set the assignee of an incident to a group?

Question asked by Paul Hiles on Aug 18, 2017

I am attempting to use the API to reassign an incident (service request) to a group.  I have tried a number of different json payloads and cannot seem to find the right one.


{"incident":{"assigned_to": 9999999}}

{"incident":{"assigned_to": "9999999"}}

{"incident":{"assignee":{"id": 9999999}}}

{"incident":{"assignee":{"id": "9999999"}}}

{"incident":{"assignee":{"group_id": 9999999}}}

{"incident":{"assignee":{"group_id": "9999999"}}}

{"incident":{"assignee":{"name": "Tier 2"}}}


Then as I was writing this I tried....




.... and it changed the assignee, but to the wrong one, to group id = 9999998?!?