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{{Main Event}} Variable - Must be in {Main} to function?

Question asked by on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by Yum Darling

Hi All, 


We are on our march to deploying Samanage next week.  We're working out the wrinkles and I'm currently working on the email notifications to customize them for our college.  We'll be rolling this out in stages, and currently we'll be working internally only, with no portal or user logons (over the summer to re mediate our own process issues mainly).  So ultimately I need to have the emails WITHOUT the action button.  So I've removed the {{main}} group on the incident created notification and built a custom notice for our customers.  This worked great and removed the action button issue.  BUT (why is there always a but ) when attempting to do that with the change notifications, comment, etc... the {{main event}} variable doesn't seem to work.  I'm assuming that this variable requires some logic that is encapsulated in the {{main}} portion of the email body.  So is there a way to get the {{main event}} to function outside of the {{main}} module, or is there another way to suppress the action button.  


This may be a Noob question, so no flames... 



Dave Jackson