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Convert Local Ticket IDs to URLs or Samanage ID?

Question asked by Nicholas (nija) Jackson on Jun 27, 2017

Each incident has 2 different IDs: a local ID (that's unique to your Samanage instance) and a Samanage ID (that's global to the system as a whole). This has confused a lot of users as they don't know which ID to reference. Most users reference the "local" ID but are unable to go directly to that incident by typing in the URL. 


Does anyone else face this issue? Any suggested workarounds? I can provide more details if need be. 


One thing I have done to help mitigate the issue a bit is set up a search engine "hotkey" for Google Chrome so that I just have to type "incident" in the search box, hit tab, enter the local ID of the incident, and it will take me directly to that ticket. This works for me, but it's not intuitive for the end user and is definitely a workaround.