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Setting the resolution date (two stage closure)

Question asked by on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by Gustavo Trujillo

I'm surprised this question isn't more common in the community, so it may well be that I'm missing it and everyone else gets it


The SLA stops when the incident status is set to "Resolved", right? So how do we handle the typical situation where we believe we applied a fix on Monday 11th, but are waiting for the customer to confirm this. They eventually come back on Friday 15th and confirm that the issue has been resolved.


Great! So we set the ticket to be resolved, but that happens on Friday 15th, stretching the SLA by four days when service was actually restored four days earlier.


Is there a way to change the date when setting an incident to "Resolved"? Or is there a two-stage closure process (resolve, then close) that I'm missing?


I don't want the agents simply setting the incident to "Resolved" when they send a suggested fix to the customer because that's not often the actual resolution and, if it's not, then that skews the SLA report in the other direction.