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How to submit Changes with Approvers via Application Integration and External Sources

Question asked by Chad Brown on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by Chad Brown

With the recent release of approval levels in Changes, I noticed the language on  no longer contains information on adding "APPROVERS" via XML/JSON. There are still tidbits below about Approval_condition; but the entire section on Approvers in the XML and JSON examples has been removed.


Additionally when I view the XML of an existing Change, I only get the CURRENT approver; nothing on Level 2 and Level 3 shows up.



Does anyone currently create Changes using Application Integration (in the Service Catalog), or via API external of the Catalog



  1. Has the ability to scope out Approvers when creating changes with the API been removed?
  2. If the ability is there, is there some language that will be released so we can have the Approval Levels integrated into Service Requests, or when injecting data into Samanage from another Application (such as an Agile Development Application creating a Change when a Story is accepted)?


Below is the sections till remaining on the Changes page in the API for Approvers:


Available values for fields:

  • approval_condition:
    • 0, no approvers required
    • 1, only one approver required
    • 2, all approvers required
    • 3, 50% of approvers required