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Best Practise for an OnBoarding process/solution using Samanage - A Community Effort

Question asked by on Apr 14, 2017
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Fellow Samanage users Kyle Shepard


I have been combing through the community blog for solutions and it looks like there is a lot of good information there. Problem is that many of the suggestions are to solve problem that existed several version back and never closed out when a feature update provided the functionality the work around was created for.

One such issue is the Onboarding problem. There a very many suggestions (hacks) to make Samanage deliver this functionality. One of my challenges is  that the workflow requires manual intervention and does't conveniently allow for support staff to update their specific changes.

We would like to have a hiring manager submit one service item (Request New Hire) provide the necessary information (HR and IT needs) and the HR team get a request, they update the form with more information (Official Names, start date,etc) and an approval for IT to assigned IT resources to the new hire. IT would get a request showing them just what they need to see - what IT resources the hiring manager requested, the official names of the new hire, start date,etc. At the moment the way I figured out to is using application integration but - spinning out tasks doesn't allow updating by HR or IT; creating a new service item doesn't allow display of new fields for HR and IT to update (unless they were on the original form); through the API you are not able to select an existing service item which has pre-built process.


Samanage has various good video tutorials on onboarding, usually implemented using the latest new feature  (at the moment there is the application integration way, before it was just a straight incident form, then Jira, etc). Several requests to solve this problem have been scheduled as new feature request for a future build if at all.


My suggestion is we as the community could collaborate and design a solution that meets several common expectations of an OnBoarding system. From there we could define a "best practice" as far as using Samanage as an onboarding process solution instead of every one reinventing the wheel. Another reason would be to give Samanage an insight as to how customers are using the application and what challenges are being experienced.


I will start with the following flow and see if we can improve on this:


PhaseStepDescriptionRequester/SubmitterImplementorForms Fields
RequestingSubmit New Hire RequestHiring Manager requests HR to approve a new hire and requests IT to provision IT assets (accounts, hardware, software) for a new employee upon hire.Hiring ManagerHuman Resources and ITOpen Position Info;
Requested IT Resources - hardware, software, permissions, etc.
HiringGrant Approval for new Hire and assignment of IT resourcesHR will update New Hire Request with Selected candidates details; official names, start date and provide I.T. with approval to grant access to the network.Hiring ManagerHuman ResourcesNew Hire - Official Names;
Start Date, Approval to grant network access;
ProvisioningAccount Creation and License assignementNetwork team creates network account and other application accounts; Desktop team build out the PC and install requested software.Hiring Manager & HRIT
Setup & DeliveryBuild and deliver IT resources for the new hireIT builds out new computer and configures it for the new employee based on hiring managers request. IT also provides new employee configuration details requested by manager (e.g. manager asked for an email address - it shares with the customer the actual email address, etc.)Hiring ManagerIT Network Team;
IT Desktop Team
Assigned - computer, location, software, email address, phone number, network shares, mailboxes, etc.
ClosingVerification of Service DeliveryHiring Manger, New employee and IT get a chances to review the requested items and what was delivered. Any descrepancies are resolved then the service item is closed.Hiring ManagerHiring Manager;
IT Teams;

Survey questions - on service quality.

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