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Mapping service catalog Variables to incident Custom Fields

Question asked by Peter Goudie on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by Peter Goudie

We're in the process of preparing Samanage for internal use.

Our eventual goal is the use of the service catalog for letting our customers raise support tickets with us directly.


We're currently using custom fields for capturing useful information like how many users are affected, the version of the software, and similar things. We want to use Samanage's Automations to streamline the initial triage process, which work well with Custom Fields.


Unfortunately, because we are unable to limit the types of Incident that can be created by a given role through any means except through the Service Catalogue, we are limited to using the custom variables in the Service Catalogue.


The current frustrations are:

* Unable to use automations with incidents raised via the Service Catalogue without manual action by a Service Agent.

* Limited to 2 visible rows in a text field which will need to capture the full description of the issue.


If anyone has a better solution which will allow us to limit the categories/ sub categories allowed to a role group (e.g. "External Requester" shouldn't be able to raise incident in the Finance category), or has suggestions about making Custom Fields visible to someone submitting a Service Catalogue request, that would be ideal.