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Is there a list of Email Triggers for Samanage?

Question asked by Chad Brown on Dec 27, 2016

Good morning,


I get a lot of questions each week from our users about "Why didn't I get an email for this, and why didn't I get an email for that?"


I spend a lot of time reading through audits to see if an email is usually sent for this activity or that activity. Is there a comprehensive listing of what triggers an email in Samanage? If so, where is it? If not, why not?


Reading through the Audits and Community every time an email doesn't or does get sent to see if that is proper behavior is tedious. It would be great to have a definitive listing to simply answer questions from, that doesn't require contacting support/community/reading audits.


Just as primers:

1. Why doesn't creating a "Change" trigger an email to the Requester, but creating and Incident does? After all, "Requesters" in the application don't have access to the Change Module, so how are they to know, using just the application, that a Change has been created from their request?

2. Why don't people assigned "Problems" get sent an email they have been assigned the Problem? This one has been corrected by Samanage! However, until we got repeated comments about it, we had no idea that was normal behavior.

3. Does the "Requester" of the Change get notified when the Change is Declines or Approved? We aren't sure. We see tons of emails sent out about "voted", but not sure what that is about.

4. etc....


Anyone Else?