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Can we link an asset to another asset?

Question asked by Meor Muhammad Ghazali bin Ariff on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by Chad Brown

Hi There,


I'd like to know if we can link an asset to another asset.




I have a Windows-based PC with Samanage agent installed.

3 hardware connected to the PC; USB printer, USB hand scanner & a serial comm port terminal. Each of the 3 hardware is manually added / keyed in to Samanage as assets.


In Samanage all these 4 hardware are seen as independent. Is there any way that I can link them so I can quickly know which PC do those hardware connected to?


If let say my Helpdesk is getting a call for hand scanner faulty, they just need the serial number and the rest can be searched through Samanage (which PC, location, etc.).