Most functional mobile browser?

Discussion created by mkamperman on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Adam Archer T.

I am about to roll out Samanage and a service portal to the company, and I am having difficulties on how some items work on Android devices (and perhaps iDevices.. having issues logging into them right now). I have created many service catalog items for employees, so they can order computers, phones, business cards etc. But when they click on say.. a multi-picklist, only a blank dialog box pops up. Same for anything with a calendar item.


It seems to work in Firefox.. but in Firefox, the header titles don't stay put. So when you zoom in to see items and select things, the menu items float down in front of your selections. So something is wonky with the site using Firefox at least on Android. Tried Chrome and Dolphin.. same blank text box issue on both of those.


Does anyone have a recommended mobile browser so that service items work as programmed? Most of my customers will be using mobile devices to enter travel requests, computer request, etc.. and it's not practical to use as it stands. Thanks in advance for any advice.