Feature Request: More Date Parameters for Recurring Service Catalog Items

Discussion created by faustin@floodpeterson.com on Sep 6, 2016
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Hello everyone from one of Samanage's newest clients.  We're having a great time integrating Samanage into our IT workflows.


I'm currently setting up recurring Service Catalog items for our team, and the first thing I noticed was the rather limited options for recurring events. I believe other users have also reported limited functionality in this regard as well.


As an example, one of my recurring tasks is running a report for one of our departments at the beginning of each month.  My current reminder is set up as a recurring Appointment in Outlook.  The difference with Outlook, as you can see below, is that I can schedule this event for the first weekday of the month, rather than the first day of each month.  As Samanage already has features built in to recognize our Business Hours, it would be nice to have Service Catalog items follow suit.  That way, I don't have a reminder to run a report at the beginning of the month, falling on a weekend when we are closed.


Outlook Calendar Recurring Events.PNG


Hope to see a similar feature integrated soon.


Thanks for the great work!