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Duplicate email notifications

Question asked by on Aug 16, 2016

How can we restrict the duplicate email notifications? 


When an incident is created & persons added to the CC field, the new incident creation notification goes out to all users. 

If any of the users press 'reply all' and email their comment - the email is sent directly from their mail to all the users, and to samanage.  When samanage receives it, it adds the comment to the incident and sends the same message out to all the users again. 



A simple solution might be to have all individual persons' emails (requester and CCd persons) be put in the BCC field when emails are sent from samanage.  This way, replies only go to samanage who in turn notifies all users - significantly reducing duplicate emails & notifications. 


Does something like this already exist - or is there a better way to handle this?