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Some observations from during our Trial

Discussion created by Tom Kelsall on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by Yuval Pecht

Hi guys

Just some observations/things I'd like to see changed etc - I'd welcome any and all comments on these!

1. When in the "Service Desk... Incidents" view I can select reports, then modify them and save as a new report - this is great.

  • HOWEVER - I cannot create a new report without filters. I must add a filter in order to create one.
  • I also cannot go back to the original and start again if I modify it by mistake; for instance I added filters by mistake to the "All Incidents" report - and that's it - I can't go back to a saved report with no filters, ever. My "All Incidents" report is now doomed to be always filtered.

2. Branding is very basic and limited to the ServiceDesk Portal... I'd like to see this extended to the whole tool and have more of a "Theming" approach where we can change almost anything about the GUI.

3. I'd like to be able to customise the "Approval" a bit more to fit our organisation; for instance certain purchases require Assistant Director approval and we have an Assistant Director in each Directorate; I don't want to create a Group and send all approvals to all Assistant Directors and let them fight it out; and similarly I don't want to create an "iPad Request in Directorate 1" and "iPad Request in Directorate 2", and then assign a named approver to each catalog item. All these are workarounds - it'd be fantastic if we could build our org chart into Samanage.