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Native integration between Samanage and Jira On Premise is difficult because of customizations that are often deployed with Jira On Premise. However, there is a workaround that will enable the two systems to connect using email dropboxes.

Samanage Setup Instructions

  1. To send incidents from Samanage to Jira, create a user with the dropbox given to you by Jira, often this is in the format jira(at) You can name the user ‘Jira’ or any name you wish. Creating a user allows Samanage to auto populate an email address to CC incidents.
  2. If you want to send issues from Jira into Samanage as tickets, you will need to create a category or subcategory for Jira issues.
    1. Navigate to Setup/Category and select +Add category. Create a category, for example, ‘Jira Projects’ and select Create email dropbox and you should get the dialog box shown below. Click the Create button to generate an email address that will be used to accept issues from Jira and help you report on all incidents originating from Jira.
      Sam step1.png

Jira Setup Instructions

In Jira, create a user called ‘Samanage’ and associate the Samanage dropbox email address from step 2 in Samanage setup. In our example, jiraprojects1(at)


Sending an incident from Samanage to Jira

  1. In Samanage, open any incident that is not closed. Click Edit Incident then click Add CC. Insert the user name from step 1 in Samanage setup, in our example ‘Jira’ or manually type in the name of the Jira dropbox. Then click Update Incident as shown below.Jira.png
  2. Now, go back into the incident and add a comment, for example you can indicate that the incident is being forwarded.
  3. Samanage will now send a notification to the end user and an email to the Jira dropbox, which generates an issue in Jira as shown below.Jira_2.png


Sending an incident from Jira to Samanage

  1. In Jira, open the issue and use the Forward option as shown belowJira_1.png
  2. Forward the issue to your Samanage user in Jira. This will generate an incident in Samanage.
  3. If the bug is resolved, you can close out the incident.

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