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Absolute beginners guide to using the API?

Question asked by Keltie IT on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by Chad Brown



We have the need to create a custom field, and then populate it (and all the other existing Incident fields) with data transferred over from our previous Samanage account (long story for another thread.) The problem is, i'm an absolute beginner with using the API and need to find a 'Day 1' super-low entry level guide on working my way towards how to do it. Firstly I need to know where to actually enter the code text to practice running queries.


From there, I plan to play around with basic queries and work my way toward doing this. Can anyone help firstly with the very basic question of where I actually enter code to begin getting to grips with the system? And also a pointer to any articles which might help with the transfer step would be much appreciated.


Many thanks!