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Automated Agent Refresh

Question asked by Ronald Koons on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by Ronald Koons

I had an issue in the past where many of my workstations were not checking in and updating their status for long periods of time.

Samanage gave me:


"c:\program files (x86)\samanage\ocsinventory" /force /debug /server= /tag=(Account name)


Which I could put into AD GP to create a login script that would automate the check in procedure.


Now that we are upgrading to the newest agent, I can see that this will need to change.


Samanage gave me:


  1. cd "c:\Program Files\Samanage Agent\agent"
  2. ruby\bin\ruby.exe src\mini_kernel\cmd.rb -f


which when ran, produces:

c:/Program Files (x86)/Samanage Agent/agent/src/packages/windows/data_collectors/video.rb:40: warning: already initialized constant Windows::DataCollectors::Video::MAX_SIGNED

c:/Program Files (x86)/Samanage Agent/agent/src/packages/windows/data_collectors/video.rb:40: warning: previous definition of MAX_SIGNED was here

c:/Program Files (x86)/Samanage Agent/agent/src/packages/windows/data_collectors/memory.rb:155: warning: already initialized constant Windows::DataCollectors::Memory::MAX_MEMORY_DEVICES

c:/Program Files (x86)/Samanage Agent/agent/src/packages/windows/data_collectors/memory.rb:155: warning: previous definition of MAX_MEMORY_DEVICES was here


My concern is I'm not sure if this actually updated the Test PC. When I ran it, the PC in question did not show an update in the help desk interface.


Just looking for a correct way to force an agent update and if this is correct.