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Configuring Google SAML Apps for Samanage

Question asked by Oz Merchant Administrator on Jul 5, 2016

(Originally posted on 15, October 2015)

Google has just released "SAML apps". This new feature allows you to easily create a SAML connection to Samanage through your Google Directory.


1) To get started first navigate to the apps menu within Google Apps and select SAML Apps.



2) Create a new SAML Application and select "Setup My Own Custom App"


3) Copy the SSO URL from the SAML App in to Samanage under Setup->SSO as the Identity Provider URL

4) Download the Certificate and paste the contents into Samanage as the Identity Provider x.509 Certificate


5) Name your SAML App and select a logo.



6) On Step 4, set the following values from your Saml Metadata: (change ACCOUNT to your account name)



Entity ID: ?
Name ID: Basic Information - Primary Email




7) Click finish for Step 5 and when ready, enable the Samanage SAML app



If this new connection will be used by all users, you may wish to enable "Redirect to saml login page when logging into Samanage by default". Otherwise SAML users can authenticate from within the Google Apps menu from the "More" dropdown