New ITAM Agent for Windows and Macs

Discussion created by on Jun 30, 2016
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After extensive testing by customers in Samanage Labs, we are releasing the new ITAM agent to production.

What are the benefits?
In response to your requests, we have added functionality for the agent to automatically update itself without manual intervention.  The installation of the agent has also been streamlined by creating a customer-specific installer file, this eliminates the need to enter account details. We are also future-proofing the agent by building it on a technology that allows us to easily deliver future functionality.

What actions do you need to take?
We highly recommend that you uninstall the old agent and install the new agent.

  1. Uninstall the old agent using the Windows/Mac operating system tools. On Mac?s remove SamanageAgent and on Windows remove Samanage Agent
  2. In the Samanage application, go to Setup, then click on the Deployment panel. From this page, you will be provided the agent download instructions on how to install stand-alone and mass deploy using a logon script.

What platforms does the agent support?

  • Desktop - Windows XP and above
  • Server - Windows 2003 and above
  • Mac OSX - 10.6 and above

What happens if I don?t deploy the new agent?
While we recommend installing the new agent, your existing functionality will work without interruption. At a future date the previous agent will no longer be supported.  You will be updated through Community posts well in advance of any change.


At your service,
The Samanage Team