New Incidents Throughput Report

Discussion created by on Jun 8, 2016
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We have added a new report called Incidents Throughput to the list of standard reports.This new report tracks incident throughput, over time, by attributes such as assignee, department or site. 

How can this report help you do a better job?
This report provides metrics on how many incidents are resolved in a given time frame by assignee, department or site. The information can be used to identify bottlenecks and realign resources to improve end user customer satisfaction.  
For example, users can analyze incident volumes vs. open/close rates relative to factors such as seasonality or new application deployments. Service Desk Managers can then proactively review processes, staffing, and agent productivity.

How to view this report
  1. Begin by navigating to Reports/Standard Reports
  2. Click on Incidents Throughput and select relevant filters. Here is a sample report.

The report displays the number of incidents open at the start of the timeframe, number created during the timeframe, number closed during the timeframe and number at the end of the timeframe. Throughput is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of incidents closed by the number of incidents created during that timeframe X 100.
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