Inconsistent behaviour of the tool when modifying the assignee of a ticket

Discussion created by on Jun 24, 2016
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Hi all

If I understand correctly, the philosophy about changing the status of a ticket from "new" to "assigned", is this should be done by the person or technician who actually is taking ownership of the ticket.

This makes sense to me:
  • It helps in personal queue management as you can see in a blink of an eye what the new tickets are 
  • changing the status from "new" to "assigned" can be seen as an acknowledgement, stating "yes, I'm going to work on this ticket"
However, we notice the tool behaves differently depending on HOW you change the assignee. If you do this from the ticket overview, the status will change automatically to assigned. When you do the same from within the ticket, the status remains "new".

This is in conflict with above philosophy, and it takes away the value it could create.

Is this something which is planned to be changed or can someone look into this?

Many thanks!