Expand Visibility and Measurement with New Multi-Select Criteria

Discussion created by on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by Yuval Pecht
Today, Samanage announces new multi-select criteria in reports that help you expand visibility and measurement. Users can now make multiple selections on any standard report with filters for category, subcategory, site, priority, origin and/or department. To select multiple subcategories, users must first make a category selection.  

What are the benefits?
These enhancements expand out of the box reporting functionality by refining the level of granularity. Reports containing these customizations can also be saved and scheduled to provide real-time visibility into your help desk operations.

How to enable multi-select in reports

  1. Start by navigating to Reports/Standard Reports and select the Incidents Summary report as an example.
  2. Click on category and check two or more selections, then click Show Selected as shown below.

  3. Click outside the drop down box and Apply changes.  After the report refreshes, you can select multiple departments and apply changes then continue onward to filters such as priority, origin, site, department and make multiple selections therein.
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