Inventory not showing all workstations

Discussion created by on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by mbrown

I notice a lot of workstations in our organization which do not show up (correctly) in the inventory in Samanage.

Two scenario's:
- workstation does show up in the inventory, but also show up in the list "Computers that are not reporting (last 7 days)". For some of those computers I'm sure the Samanage agent is installed and running and the computer is connected to our network.

- workstation doesn't show up in the inventory. This is for instance the case with my computer. The Samanage agent is installed though, and upon checking in the set-up screen, I do receive the indication "Agent is installed and transmitting data". 

In both of above cases, a reinstall of the agent does not solve the issue. What is going wrong here?

Thanks upfront for your suggestions and looking into this!