New TImeframe Selection Options

Discussion created by on May 17, 2016
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We have four new Timeframe selections that are available under reports. The new selections are Week to date, Month to date, Last week, Last month. These selections will be available for all reports that have Timeframe as a filter.

How are the Timeframe ranges calculated?
Ranges are calculated using your respective time zones as listed in organization/ sites & departments as follows:
Week to date - calculates from midnight Monday of the current week to present day and time
Month to date - calculates from midnight on 1st of the month to present day and time
Last week - calculates from midnight Monday of last week to Friday of last week
Last month - calculates from midnight on 1st of previous month to last day of the previous month

We understand that for some customers, the week doesn?t begin on Monday at 00:00:00 hours and end on Friday at 23:59:59 hours. We are planning on being able to customize the starting and ending days to your preferences.

How is this beneficial?
It enables granular visibility through reports which can be saved and scheduled to run automatically.

How do I use these selections?
Navigate to Reports/Standard Reports. Pick any report, such as Incident Summary. In the Timeframe filter, select one of the criteria as shown below, then click apply changes.

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