Samanage Contract Item Tutorial

Discussion created by 6472333 on Oct 6, 2014

"You can keep track of your contracts (software licenses, hardware leases, maintenance agreements, etc) in Samanage. Contracts can be used to track anything with a start and end date, also including the relevant financial information, including contract details, renewal schedules, agreement terms, and many more.


On the homepage you can view lots of information about each contract such as status, name, start date, end date, any items associated with it, and lots more. You can edit or delete a contract from the homepage.

Creating a new contract:

  1. Click + New Contract

  2. Choose status type (required)

  3. Choose the type of contract (required)

  4. Add name and manufacturer type (required)

  5. License Type (if you selected software license) (required)



In the next section, you can fill out the fields that you have information on for the contract (these fields are not required).




Next, you can add items and purchases related to the contract. You can attach any files related to this contract here.




On the top right of the contract record, you can add tags, any other contracts that are related to this contract, any related users, renewal reminders, and tasks.




After you have added all the information for the contract, click “Create Contract".


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To view how to create a new contract item live, check out this video: