Kyle Shepard

Dashboard View Tutorial

Discussion created by Kyle Shepard Employee on Feb 24, 2015

The dashboard by default is the first page you will land on once you log into Samanage. The dashboard is a great way to quickly view the status of your service desk as a whole and help manage your day to day tasks. It is highly customizable and comes out of the box with about 80 different widgets. If there are reports that you would like to see that we do not have out of the box you can quickly create a widget with a custom RSS feed. Once you have all of the widgets on there that you want to see you can click and drag them around so that they are also in the order that you wish to see them as shown in this picture:


Samanage Dashboard view tutorialpng


Each user can customize their own dashboard so you can set these up to only show information that is important to you. The way that you add or remove widgets from the dashboard is by selecting them in the personalize tab shown in the picture below:


Samanage Dashboard view tutorial 2png


For more information on how to use the Samanage dashboard feature please see the video below: