Get your work done more efficiently with new Service Task capability

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Samanage is excited to announce a new capability - called Service Task - that is designed to improve the service delivery experience across your organization.


Service delivery processes often requires many participants, including both technical and non-technical resources. Email is often used to facilitate service interactions - such as approvals - between service providers and requesters, but it limits visibility, collaboration, and tracking.


Now service providers within an organization can manage all of their tasks and approval requests in the Service Portal (formerly Self Service Portal), while providing end users with a friendly, intuitive experience to see all of their pending service work, such as tasks and approvals.


What are the benefits?

  • Allows users across all functions to get their work done efficiently

  • Helps organizations be more agile with service delivery

  • Intuitive service experience for - technical and non-technical users - who need to manage tasks and approvals

  • Offered with a cost-effective licensing model


What are common use cases?

  • Contractors who are assigned tasks but can't be given full user licenses because of security reasons

  • Department Managers that need to complete tasks or approvals as part of a larger workflow, project, or incident without needing back end access to Samanage

  • Interdepartmental collaboration, such as new employee on-boarding where tasks are assigned to IT for hardware/software and AD setup; HR for employee orientation, information gathering, benefits; Finance for payroll


What can users do with this feature?
Users can now access a new tab on the Service Portal which aggregates all their work. Work can include tasks from service requests, tasks from incidents, assets (i.e. sidebar tasks), and approvals from service requests, changes, releases and POs. Tasks and approvals are consolidated into a user-friendly portal with a drill down to get more details on each item. Users can quickly execute actions on a per item basis (e.g. check a task, approve/decline a request). Below is a screenshot of the Service Task tab showing a clean, tailored view of approvals and tasks for the user. From this view, users can click Complete to indicate a task is done or Approve or Decline a request. Users can also 'undo' a task that was accidentally marked complete, when a task is not part of an existing workflow. They can also filter to quickly find pending approvals, pending tasks, work due this week, work due next week.



Clicking on any line item reveals the context surrounding the task or approval. The screenshot below display a drill down that appears from clicking on the Facilities Approval item from image above.




Click here to learn more about Service Task benefits and how to assign users to this role


At your service,

The Samanage Team