Using Custom Forms & Fields for Check In/Out - Samanage Tutorial

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Custom Forms & Fields in Samanage are a useful tool across the application as a whole.  In this tutorial we will be going over how to use this functionality to report on which assets are checked in, and which are not.  For starters we?ll be going to Setup ? Forms & Fields.  

In this section, we will be building out a form under the assets module.  First, click on ?+ New Form? and choose the Module ?Computers?.  From there, create the custom fields you want to track.  In this example, the fields are Checked In?, Date Checked Out, Loaned To?, etc.  Take these fields and drag them to that new form you just made.


After you?ve built out your form, you can start filling it out on the asset level.  Click on Inventory ? Into one of your assets, and scroll down the asset overview page to find your custom fields.

You can also mass update multiple assets at a time:

You can then run reports based on the custom fields you made.  For example, seeing all computers that are marked as Checked In.

What kind of loaner programs is your organization using Samanage for?

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