Computer Inventory Capabilities

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With Samanage, you can reduce the time it takes to account for hardware and software. Samanage software includes hardware and computer inventory management tools. Samanage automatically and periodically scans each asset to show you updated, detailed configuration and the physical location of them. This allows you to easily track the hardware across your company and keeps you up to date on what is going on with your network and computer hardware inventory. This article will cover the computer inventory management capabilities.

With the Samanage Inventory Management, you can track your company's computers.

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Some capabilities of Samanage computer inventory management are:

  • Automatic Asset Classification Samanage automatically identifies and classifies asset types (ex: laptops and servers) and organizes the assets in the IT hardware inventory.

  • IT Service Desk Integration You also have the choice to integrate the service desk capability with your asset management solution. This allows the computer and hardware inventory information to be linked with issues, allowing you more visibility into relevant asset data within service desk tickets.

  • Tagging Assets Samanage allows you to tag each asset within the hardware inventory by specifying its status and assigning it to specific users and technical owners. You can create your own tag, even put in the barcode or the QR code unique to each asset.

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  • Software This section shows you all the software commonly used that is on the computer.

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  • Hidden Software This section includes all the components, patches, hotfixes, etc. This provides you a clean software list of what is used often. 

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  • Hardware You can view all hardware properties (CPU, BIOS, disks, networking devices, etc). In the computer inventory section, you can view the exact hardware configuration and which software titles are installed on each of your computers.

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  • Warranty Details (Lifecycle) Samanage automatically fetches asset warranty information from HP and Lenovo to help save you time and ensures your records are up-to-date.

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  • Risks You can view risks detected in your inventory as well as software license compliance standing. Examples of risks can be unauthorized software (ex: games), computers that are no reporting, unprotected computers, low free space, and many others.

    • Computers not reported back in 7 days

    • Hard drive reaching capacity

    • No Anti-virus

    • Greynet software titles (such as P2P software, games, etc)

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  • Incidents You can view any incidents that are related to the specific asset and make decisions based on that.

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  • Audits This section includes anything ever reported back from the agent, including  hardware or software changes, lifecycle events, and risks. The audit is a one stop shop for all changes to the asset.

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  • Remote Assist (if enabled) You can remotely assist your end users using our integration with Citrix GoToAssist.  Remote assist is located in the inventory asset section. If you are already a Citrix GoToAssist user, simply activate it in your Samanage account under Setup. If not, you can signup for an account.

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These capabilities allow you to help plan IT changes, such as migration projects. Samanage allows you to prepare your IT infrastructure for hardware replacements or exchanges, with the Problem and Change Management function.  You can do all of this on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Unix, which allows more flexibility in your workplace.