Creating an MSI package for Samanage

Discussion created by 6472333 on Jul 11, 2014

This guide is intended for users who would prefer to deploy the Samanage agent for Windows using an MSI. This is not our best practice, and deployment using this method is not supported by Samanage. You can see our best practices for deployment under the Your Organization tab in your Samanage setup section. Here is the procedure:

1) Install the Samanage agent for Windows on your local machine.

2) Using MSI Wrapper (Or your desired application) Select the Samanage install exe as 'Setup Executable Input Filename' and choose a name for the output MSI.

3) Look up the Application ID. This should be 'Samanage Agent' and click Create New to generate an upgrade code.

4) Select Registry for each of the properties and continue with the installation.

5) For the install arguments, please use tags from our deployment guide: --mode unattended

Every MSI packager should have an ability to add command line arguments to the original executable file. This is where you can run the installer silently, define a proxy, etc

6) Proceed with building the MSI.

7) Verify MSI on a new machine that has not previously had Samanage installed.

Several customers had good results: http://www.exemsi.com/documentation/command-line-arguments