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Samanage Online Community Acceptable Use Policy

Discussion created by Ryan van Biljon Administrator on Aug 4, 2015

Samanage Online Community Acceptable Use Policy      Aug 2015 V1.1


Samanage?s Online Community is a member benefit of Samanage, intended for the sharing of ideas and information between Samanage customers as well as Samanage to its customers. The Samanage Online Community is a professional community, and all conduct and usage of this website must be conducted with that in mind.


Thus, all content, i.e., photos, videos, text, emails, announcements, discussions, questions, answers, events, blogs and other postings, must be professional in nature.


Any content that is deemed offensive, inappropriate or violates any policy based on this agreement will be removed from the site.


Continued violations of the rules of use and conduct for the Samanage Online Community can result in expulsion and banning from the site.


Membership in the community is solely at the discretion of Samanage, and any membership can be terminated at any time based on the below. As a member of the Samanage Online Community you are responsible for your conduct, your content and all your activity on the Samanage Online Community. The use of the Samanage Online Community for unlawful, harmful activities or for financial gain is prohibited.


Acceptable Use and Conduct In particular, you specifically agree that:


You will not use the community:


? In a manner that is libelous or defamatory, or in a way that is otherwise threatening, abusive, harassing, malicious or harmful to any person or entity, or invasive of another?s privacy


? In a manner that is hateful or discriminatory based on race, color, sex, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or age or as otherwise objectionable, as reasonably determined by Samanage


? In a manner that is harmful to minors in any way


? In a manner that infringes, violates or misappropriate Samanage or any third party?s intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights or contractual rights
? To facilitate the unlawful distribution of copyrighted content including Samanage copyrighted content


? In a manner that includes personal or identifying information about another person without that person?s explicit consent


? In a manner that constitutes or contains any form of advertising or solicitation if (1) posted in your content; or (2) emailed directly to users without their explicit consent


Additionally, you agree not to:


? "Stalk" or otherwise harass anyone


? Collect, use or disclose Samanage data, including personal information, about other users without their consent or for unlawful purposes or in violation of applicable law or regulations


? Use any profanity or the description or name of any illegal activity in the name or content of your post


? Post rants against Samanage or its customers, where there is no beneficial information to the general community


? Post competitive details about Samanage competitor product offerings as it relates to the Samanage product


? Post irrelevant content, repeatedly post the same or similar content in attempt to draw attention to your question/comment


Additionally, you also agree not to post or permit posting of adult Content ("Adult Content").


You also agree to immediately notify Samanage in the event of an actual or threatened claim that you have violated any of the covenants and agreements contained in this Agreement.


Copyright Samanage USA, INC  2015




You can find the document located here: Samanage Online Community Acceptable Use Policy