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How and Why to Upload a Wildcard SSL Certificate

Discussion created by Tye Graham Employee on Oct 7, 2015
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Although the Samanage user interface currently doesn?t allow for the direct uploading of Wildcard SSL Certificates under Setup -> Domain Mapping, they are able to be uploaded to your account manually with the assistance of our Engineering team.

How to upload a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Engineering would need the following information:

  • The certificate to be uploaded (.crt file)

  • The private key associated with the certificate

  • The domain the certificate is being uploaded for

The preferred format for the certificate and key is PEM.  If you send the data in an encrypted file (e.g. pfx) make sure that you also provide the password.

To speed up the process make sure the certificate and the private key matches.

You can send this directly to Samanage Support at support@samanage.com and we would immediately forward this information over to Engineering so that your Wildcard SSL certificate is uploaded in a timely fashion and send out an update once the upload is completed.

Why upload a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

  • Using the Wildcard certificate of your site helps you avoid having to purchase a subdomain certificate for the Samanage app.

  • You may possess a special type of certificate that our user interface currently doesn?t support generating a Certificate Signing Request for meaning Engineering?s assistance is needed.


  1. Using your site Wildcard SSL Certificate under Samanage is not recommended. It is remanded to have separate subdomain certificate for Samanage.

  2. When sending us an encrypted certificate/key it is recommended to separate the password from the files (e.g. put the password on the ticket and send the files to the email).