Kyle Shepard

Contracts Importing Tutorial

Discussion created by Kyle Shepard Employee on Jun 23, 2015

When you are going through the process of getting your information in the contracts module of Samanage, you may wish to import this data. In order to do so you will want to get your information into a CSV file as that is our prefered format for importing. Once you have your CSV file built out with all the information you need to import, go into the contracts module of Samanage and select the Import button shown below:


Contracts Importpng


After you select import it will bring you to a list of all contracts and ask you if you would like to import new items or new purchase information as shown below:


Contract Imports 2png


Once you have selected which information you are looking to import, it will ask you to first choose a file and then map over your fields.


Our support team is here to assist with this process should you need help. You can always reach them at


For more information please see the video below: