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Exporting Data Tutorial

Discussion created by Kyle Shepard Employee on Apr 15, 2015

One of the many great features in Samanage is the ability to export all of the data that you put into the application. This makes things such as reporting easy and efficient. You will notice that all of the modules for both asset management and service desk have an export button in the top right of the menu. Selecting this will give you a drop down menu of options for exporting the data you have selected, the location of the button is shown here:


Samanage Exporting Data Tutorial 1png


The options available in the drop down menu for exporting are CSV, XML, PDF, RSS, or Print. If you would like to choose CSV you will notice that there are two options, one of which says 'Current View' and the other says 'All columns'. For the current view CSV that means that it will only export the columns you see on your screen whereas the all columns option will export all of your fields including the custom ones that you have built out.


The RSS option is more for reporting purposes than just pulling data out of the system. With RSS you can create a real time feed which can be placed on your Samanage Dashboard. This is a great way to customize your dashboard and have it quickly show you the data that you need. For a tutorial on how to customize your Samanage Dashboard please see this article.


Samanage also offers graphical reporting which can be exported as a PDF. These are great for presentations or to show to management:


Samanage Reporting Tutorialpng


For more information please see the video posted below: