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Risks Module Tutorial

Discussion created by Kyle Shepard Employee on Mar 24, 2015

The Risk module is where you can manage alerts for a number of issues that may require you or your technician's attention. In this section you can specify greynet titles which are programs that you do not want your end users downloading on your computer assets. These can be things such as video games, torrents, or launchers that may be compromising to the system. You can also see which assets do not currently have antivirus installed on them. Other functions of the risks section include being notified when hard drive space on an asset drops below a specified amount, when a contract is getting ready to expire, or when an incident is past the due date.


Samanage Risk Module Tutorialpng


There are a number of ways that this module can help you operate efficiently by keeping you up to date on all of these potential risks to your operation.